Canada bets on intelligent transport systems

Canada is among the countries that want to optimize their traffic flow with intelligent transport systems. When it comes to investments, however, the focus there is not on classic automobile construction, but rather on the technological developments that accompany it.

Pilot projects for intelligent traffic systems in Canada
Pilot projects for intelligent traffic systems in Canada

Both the federal government and the provinces are putting millions of dollars into the development of autonomous driving. In addition, research centers are being set up and pilot projects are being launched. The first project will start in November 2017 in Montreal, where an independent electric shuttle bus will but put into operation. The shuttle was developed by Keolis Canada together with the French manufacturer NAVYA, and can transport 15 passengers. Although the bus is being used in a city in this case, it could be used to also optimize traffic flow at airports, in hospitals or between industrial facilities.

62 million dollars in subsidies

The project reflects the government's efforts to modernize transport infrastructure and the transport sector in general. Intelligent transport systems are designed to increase reliability and safety, as well as to optimize traffic flow. According to Germany Trade and Invest, the Ministry of Transport wants to spend 62 million dollars over the next five years on supporting pilot projects for autonomous driving and drafting rules and standards.

The Canadians' primary focus is on technological development. The areas of connectivity, processing software and internet security will be particularly shaped by Canadian companies over the coming years. If you consider that a vehicle’s total value already comprises 40% technology, the future potential becomes obvious. A part of this value creation will be secured for Canada, which is why the government is investing in knowledge. The state of Ontario alone is putting up 65 million dollars for an “Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network”; test trails and technology centers will also be created.

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