Swiss customs is going digital

The Swiss Federal Customs Administration intends to digitize all of its processes with the program “DaziT” by 2026. This will simplify and accelerate boarder crossings.

Digitization: Contact the customs from anywhere at any time
Digitization: Contact the customs from anywhere at any time

E-commerce, goods transportation by drone or self-driving cars: the economy is digitizing fast. This concerns economic players, but also the Federal Customs Administration. They say that “the crossing of national borders by goods and people entails formalities which are not currently supported by the existing range of technologies.” This is why the program “DaziT” is being developed as a solution that will exploit technological potential. The digitization program will cost around 400 million Swiss francs. The National Council passed the loan unanimously in June 2017; the matter has now been referred to the Council of States. “DaziT” will officially launch in 2018 and will focus on three primary goals:

  • Complete digitization of business transactions: This will allow simplifications in internal and external business transactions that are technologically possible now to be fully exploited and for administrative savings to be made at all levels.
  • Proximity to customers and mobility: Customers can use the internet to contact the FCA at any time, regardless of their location, access their services and use them without changing media and with a minimum of effort.
  • Agile, reactive organization: The FCA is technologically and organizationally capable of meeting new challenges in a timely manner and in close cooperation with its partners at home and abroad.

To offer a graphic demonstration of the goals of “DaziT,” the Federal Customs Administration has published an explanatory video:

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