Start-up launches Molke Shake

With its whey-based Molke Shake, the start-up Wood & Field has launched its first product on the market. The health drink, which is available in two different flavors, also helps to counteract the loss of whey during production processes.

Wood & Field team
Wood & Field team. Image Credit: Wood & Field

The protein-rich and lactose-free Molke Shake from Wood & Field is available in two flavors, namely Berries and Mango, as revealed in a press release issued by the start-up based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea. The debut product from the start-up will initially be available at gas stations and convenience stores. From April onwards, distribution will be expanded. The whey-based shakes will then be stacked on the shelves of the Alnatura organic supermarket chain, among others.

“We are delighted that we have successfully found a committed partner that proactively engages with food start-ups and promotes sustainable production processes. In this way, we have been able to reach many interested customers right from the word ‘go’ and use as much whey as possible as a foodstuff”, states Doris Erne, CEO of Wood & Field, in the press release. The Molke Shake is not only healthy, but also contributes to reducing food waste. In cheese production, only a small proportion of the milk used actually ends up in the cheese, with the whey leftover at the end. Moreover, just one quarter of this whey from the Swiss cheese industry is then used further down the line in food production, with “the rest largely being put towards animal feed and biogas plants”, according to Wood & Field. The treatment process ensures that the whey-based Molke Shake product “no longer has that typical whey taste, but a rather more refreshing yogurt and fruit taste. The product features a subtle sweetness, is protein-rich and also naturally lactose-free thanks to the fermentation process”, the press release explains further.

Now, Wood & Field are planning to continue working towards a future without food waste. To this end, the start-up will further develop its product and is set to collaborate with partners from the field of manufacturing technology. “In order to achieve our vision, a change to usual consumer and production behavior is necessary. This will only be possible by way of strong collaborations and the commitment of all parties involved”, the start-up states.

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