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Cleantech potential in India

Solar energy, energy storage systems and even e-mobility: India is banking on cleantech! Swiss companies can benefit from this development and make their own contribution to furthering it.


As part of the Paris Agreement, the Indian government has set itself an ambitious goal: By the year 2022, the country is to generate 175 GW of renewable energy, consisting of 100 GW of solar energy and 60 GW of wind energy. The target has recently even been raised by the Indian government – now a total of 225 GW of renewable energy are to be produced by 2022, and investments for this are already in motion, with 42 billion francs ploughed into renewable energy since 2014.

India is also investing in other cleantech projects aside from renewable energy, however, one of which is e-mobility. Targeted collaborations between government and industry are giving further impetus to production of hybrid and electric vehicles, although India is still lacking charging stations for these vehicles (technology and facilities), and Swiss solutions are much in demand here.

Overview of business opportunities

In order to give Swiss cleantech companies a comprehensive overview of the business opportunities in India, Switzerland Global Enterprise has published a detailed presentation, which is available to download at the end of this article. The presentation contains comprehensive information on the topics of solar energy, e-mobility and energy storage systems, but also outlines the situation with regard to the market and the competition, and highlights the market potential and specific business opportunities in India.   

Swiss products highly regarded in India

The great potential for Swiss cleantech firms in India right now comes not only from the existing business opportunities, but also the high regard Indians have for Swiss products and technologies. Fabian Stiefvater, Head of the Swiss Business Hub India, explains: “Various Swiss brands such as Nestlé, Novartis, Roche and Schindler have already made a name for themselves in India. Swiss companies have a good reputation in the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial equipment and precision instruments in particular, where a high value is placed on quality and reliability.”    

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Export support

Do you have questions about exporting to India? Contact Beat Ineichen, consultant for India at Switzerland Global Enterprise. A free and personal country consultation gives you the chance to discuss your potential and define the next steps


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