Switzerland remains at the forefront of digital competitiveness

Switzerland ranks sixth in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking. This result affirms the country’s reputation as a global leader of the digital world. Above all, Switzerland impressed on account of its openness to new developments and its deep talent pool.

Switzerland has achieved a ranking of sixth place in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking. Generic Image: Pixabay

As part of the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking compiled by the Lausanne-based IMD Business School, Switzerland has this year achieved a ranking of sixth place. The rankings seek to evaluate the extent to which digital technologies are used and researched in a respective country, as well as how these activities drive change in business, government and society as a whole. To this end, the main categories of Knowledge, Technology and Future Readiness are taken into account for the overall assessment.

Talent driving digital transformation

Switzerland primarily performed well in the category of Knowledge, for which it ranked as third-best overall. The Knowledge category measures a country’s capacity to grasp new technologies and use these to promote digital transformation. Switzerland was able to score particularly well due to the fact the country attracts such a wealth of talent. However, the quality of education in Switzerland was also a positive factor.

Switzerland is open to innovation

In the Future Readiness category, which measures a country’s openness to future developments, Switzerland came in fifth position. This represents a significant improvement in comparison with its ranking of tenth position in the prior year. This impressive result can be attributed above all to Switzerland’s high degree of business flexibility and rapid integration of innovative IT solutions.

Switzerland also continues to be effective at developing digital innovations, which is reflected in its ranking of eleventh place in the relevant category (Technology).

The USA is again ranked first in the overall rankings, followed by Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Hong Kong. The rankings compare a total of 63 countries with medium to high levels of income.

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